The Family Blog Begins

I once told an art teacher, while in college, that I was not comfortable with the techniques required to complete a project. As I was saying it, I assumed he would give me some sort of pass for lowered expectations or maybe that he would reassure me mediocre results would be acceptable.

He didn’t.

What he said has been ringing in my head every day since.

As he looked up at me, with exasperation in his voice and dismissiveness in his eyes, he said, “GO….. GET UNCOMFORTABLE! That is EXACTLY the point. If you are comfortable, then you are NOT growing.”

My jaw hit the floor. I mean, come on?! What a jerk, huh!?
But, wow. He was right.

No growth is made by hiding in your comfort zone. Get out there and try something. Anything!

IMAGINE things you have told yourself you can’t do. Then attempt them!

IMPROVISE when you hit roadblocks because creativity is empowering and liberating.

BE IMPERFECT because living outside the lines of expectation is where you grow. ❤️

It was the verbal face slap that I needed. Those words have pushed me through fear many times in the last couple years.

And guess what? I have discovered that the mold of “normalcy” is not for me.

And so it is…
The journey of being unapologetically us.
Being a Baker. Being “Marked with a B.”
Of being happily imperfect.

We would love for you to join us, as we share our family adventures, stories, projects and more.



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